People have different perception in regards to risks and uncertainties. Some people who are more willing to take risks than others are called risk takers.

They are bold in taking on new challenges.

However, they can sometimes show reckless behaviors such as driving too fast or overdrinking. Risk taking behaviors can be a result of mutation in the 'adventure genes'.

This so-called adventure genes are associated with the production of neurotransmittor responsible for pleasure.

Mutation in this gene leads to increased need for more pleasure and excitement, eventually leading to adventurous activities.

Your outgoing personality, your somewhat reckless driving tendenies, and your need for thrills might be due to a mutation in the adventure gene.

Then how about challenging yourself to jobs that require innovative thinking and risk taking tendencies?

Genetic analysis testing on the adventure genes are done in Genoplan Japan. The test provides a genetic trend, so it may differ from the actual inclination.