Healthy eating patterns and getting the nutrition you need are important in keeping your body strong. Here are some foods that can boost your immune system.

Immune System Boosters 1: Mackerel

Mackerels are rich in EPA, which is a type of omega-3 fatty acid. EPA enhances the immune system by reducing the production of inflammatory molecules.

Immune System Boosters 2: Garlic

Allicin in garlic has an antibiotic effect and reduces cellular inflammation, strengthening the immune system. For better effects, try eating crushed or minced garlic instead of consuming the clove whole.

Immune System Boosters 3: Radish

Radish contains vitamin C and has antioxidant effects. It also contains ferulic acid, caffeic acid, and other organic acids, which enhance the immune system as well as boost the antioxidant effects.

Immune System Boosters 4: Honey

Honey increases the metabolism and enhances the immune system. It also helps to recover from fatigue.

Immune System Boosters 5: Probiotic-rich Foods

70% of immune cells are present in the intestines. One of the health benefits of probiotics is enhanced immune system. Consuming foods rich with probiotics, such as yogurt, kimchi, and natto will strengthen your body.

Immune System Boosters 6: Green Tea

Green tea contains catechins and theanines. Catechins are known to be 100 times more powerful than vitamin C in antioxidant effects. Theanine also boosts your immune system.

Immune System Boosters 7: Mushrooms

Beta glucans in mushrooms improves macrophage functions, improving the immune system and improving anti-caner activities.

Keeping a robust immune system is crucial in your well-being. Eating nutrient-rich foods is as important as being physically active to maintain your health. Keep your immune system strong from foods that are easily accessible from local grocery stores.

Foods introduced in the contents of the post only enhance the immune system and are not directly associated with COVID-19 prevention.