Cellulites are lumpy flesh that are made up of fat, bodily wastes and water. Cellulites mostly form on the abdomen and thigh areas, and are present in 90% of post-adolescent females.

Cellulites can occur due to genetic factors. One of the genes associated with cellulite formation is HIF1A gene. People who do not have cellulites tend to have mutation in this gene. Also, Caucasians are genetically more likely to form cellulites than Asians or Africans.

Cellulites can develop due to environmental factors including hormones and lifestyle.

It is difficult to completely remove cellulites that have already formed in your body, but it can be reduced by changing your lifestyle.

1. Be mindful of carbohydrates consumption.

Eating too much carbohydrates can cause spikes in insulin production. The sudden increase in insulin can harden the cytoplasm of the cells, forming cellulites as a result. Increase in insulin can also lead to swelling, negatively affecting blood circulation. Try eating whole grains and vegetables rich in fiber instead of processed carbohydrates such as flour.

2. Drink more water.

You can prevent cellulites by drinking enough water. Try drinking 8~10 cups of warm water every day. Drinks with high sugar content can increase the rate of sugar absorption within your body. This can trigger even more accumulation of cellulites, so be careful of what you drink.

3. Avoid tight-fitting clothes.

Tight-fitting clothes lead to poor blood and lymphatic circulation, causing cellulite development. Wearing loose clothes can be helpful in reducing cellulites.

4. Massage with a dry brush

Body Brush

Dry brushing stimulates your lymphatic system to remove toxins and wastes, which helps in minimizing cellulites.

Massage your body with a dry brush. Focus on the areas where lymph nodes are located, including your collarbone, neck, and the hollow of your knees.

Cellulites can develop when you sit down or stand up for prolonged periods of time.

Try stretching your body every now and then.

Working out such as doing squats can also be helpful in improving cellulite appearances. Making changes in your lifestyle such as exercising regularly is recommended.

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