Some people seem to attract and get bitten by mosquitoes more often than others. In fact, there is a scientific reason behind this tendency.

Mosquitoes can sense carbon dioxide and prefers people with high metabolism. Mosquitoes are also attracted to people wearing dark colored clothes. Uric acid and ammonia metabolized from alcohol within the body also attracts mosquitoes.

Moreover, genetics are partly responsible for getting more mosquito bites and your body's natural reaction towards them.

If you have a genetic variant in particular genes, you are more likely to show more severe symptoms from a mosquito bite than others.

Do you tend to get bitten by mosquitoes more than others?

Spraying bug repellents on your skin when you head outside is recommended. Also, refrain from wearing perfumes because strong scents can attract mosquitoes. Wearing  long sleeves is another way to prevent mosquito bites.

Try using lemongrass-scented candles, since lemongrass scents is known to repel bugs.

If you tend to have severe reactions toward mosquito bites, try washing the area clean and put an ice pack on it.

Genetic analysis reports on mosquito bite frequency, itchiness, and swelling are provided in Genoplan's genetic testing services.