Superfoods nourish your body and soul - which is just what we need to weather this pandemic. Read below for the second part of the top 10 superfoods list.

6. Green vegetables

Green vegetables such as zucchini, cabbage, and bok choy are rich in fiber and nutrients. In particular, spinach is an excellent source of vitamin B, C,  iron, and calcium and is especially beneficial for children and pregnant women. The daily intake should not exceed 500g, as the oxalic acid in the spinach could lead to the development of kidney and bladder stones. To consume green vegetables regularly, make a green vegetable smoothie for breakfast or a stir-fry for a warm meal.

7. Kale

According to the WHO, kale is the world's most nutritious vegetable, abundant in vitamin A, C, K, B6, and calcium. Kale is the most beta carotene-rich vegetable that has significant anticancer and antioxidation effects. Try kale juice or kale chips - dry up the kales leaves, season with salt and pepper, and leave them in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes at 175℃. The recommended daily intake is about 150g.

8. Tropical Fruit

Acai berries are grapelike fruits that grow from palm trees in the Amazon. They are high in antioxidants and contain 30 times more polyphenol than red wine and 18 times more than blueberries. Acai berries have long been part of indigenous people's food sources. They are also rich in minerals that are good for one's metabolism. Acai berries have become popular thanks to their nutritious values and are wildly available in supermarkets. Try some acai berry powder in your yogurt or mix with water or milk for an easy treat. Acai berries are also good ingredients for a homemade jam.

9. Nuts

Nuts are packed with unsaturated fatty acids, which lowers the blood cholesterol level and effectively prevents the development of arteriosclerosis. Like avocados, nuts are sources of good fat that fills us up with energy and makes us feel full for a long time. Follow the recommended daily intake amount for nuts to avoid excessive calorie intake. Add almonds or walnuts to your favorite salad, or take a small bag of mixed nuts for your afternoon snack.

10. Salmon

If you are not fond of nuts, opt for salmons that are just as loaded with omega-3 as walnuts. Salmon is the only animal protein food among the superfoods and is abundant in DHA and EPA that protect your blood vessels. It also contains vitamin D that prevents osteoporosis, and astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant. You can lower your risk of vascular diseases such as hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and stroke by adding salmon to your diet plan twice a week. Add some corn and vegetables to your oven-backed salmon steak, or make a fresh salmon salad with canned salmon.

Superheroes, when standing together, exert greater power than standing alone. Similarly, superfoods alone are not enough to provide all the necessary nutrients and energy we need every day. Remember, nutritionists and health experts point out that there is nothing better for your health than eating a balanced diet consisting of all food groups while limiting calorie intake. Add a moderate amount of superfoods to your balanced diet today and fuel your body with energy and healthy vibes!