Something other than healthy communication may be more important for a happy marriage. According to new research results from Yale School of Public Heath, married couples that have the ‘GG’ genotype showed higher marital satisfaction than couples without it. This genotype is related to secretion of the nerve hormone oxytocin, which improves overall mood. Without asking about their marriage, researchers analyzed salivary samples of 178 married couples between 37-90 years of age. Researchers found that every couple with the ‘GG’ genotype showed higher marital satisfaction and stability than all couples without this genotype.

Associate Professor Dr. Joan Monin, who led this research study, stated that marital satisfaction is influenced more by a couple’s genotype than its shared time together. She also stated that a couple without the ‘GG’ genotype is likely to be negatively affected by previous relationships and family issues. This is related to low self-esteem and rejection sensitivity, which is a cognitive and emotional process of being nervous and anxious about possibility of rejection by a partner. This research article was published in a scientific journal called PLOS ONE (Public Library of Science One), on February 28th, 2019.

PLoS One. 2019 Feb 28;14(2)